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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music, Any old way you choose it./The Beatles

Hey there music lovers and rock stars!!!!
yep, this blog is on fire and ready to go. this blog is about two things: 1. music, good music, the best music and lots of it. 2. you and me-that's right. we have our mid morning thing (Tuesdays between 11-13pm). soon we will have a kick ass night show. and this is our world, our space. to share...what exactly? for us music lovers, music makes the soundtrack of our lives. so bring it on: the stories, the faux pas. the naughtier-the better. but of course we can be serious as well.

Whats more, i'm very proud to present the Lyrics link: a song is made from music and lyrics. and to me that process is just like falling in love: you meet a new person and the first attraction is the physical one-the outside. and that is the first thing that a song captures in us-the music. but then comes the next step, ah-the masks are off-to get to know that persons inner beauty, his depth, what he/she is truly all about. and those are the lyrics in the song!!! And, like in love, that beautiful discovery doesn't have to be in a new song. we can be with the same person for a long time and we think we know them, but then they surprise us with something deep and new. i can listen to a song for years and to think i totally get it, and then i open the booklet of the c.d. and read the lyrics, and the "wow" hits me again.
So, every week or so, there will be new songs with the lyrics. and, if you rock stars, have songs that blow you away that you would like to share with us, you know where to find me.