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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

"I was trapped like a prisoner in my skin. I was punished like an enemy for my sins. I was blind, I was caged, And I was tricked,
And I was suffocating...
I confess I've lost control, I let my guard down, I let the truth out...Oh I confess I've lost control,
I let my guard down, I let the truth out...It's always darkest right before the dawn."/Garbage

Dark and twisty-i've finally found a definition about and for my self that  i feel very
accurate and comfortable with. Although i can't take the cradit for it, it's from "Grey's Anatomy"(which i highly recommend). And that's the beauty of it: this time of year, the month of Elul is here and now!!! This last month before the year ends, we have this amazing chance to bare our souls out, hold nothing back and to deal with it.

I always loved sentences like "Embrace your madness" or "I spit normality in the white of the eye" or my own brilliant one "Normal is boring"-which is totally true. And with that, a lot of times it's very tiring, confusing and a high price to pay. Now, during Elul, there's no hiding or feeling not worthy. Now it's time to deal with those beloved demons of ours, to bring them into the light, to understand that they are a part of us and to see how they make us special.

A change can only occur when there's true acceptance, with a wink and a smile. And how lucky we are that we have music as a soundtrack for that process. This Monday, August 20.2012, 21-23pm, right here on Radio free Nachlaot, we'll take a musical journey to our not perfect selves...and we'll love every minute of it!!!!