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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

Come into these arms again, And lay your body down. The rhythm of this trembling heart Is beating like a drum.....Oh loneliness - oh hopelessness, To search the ends of time, For there is in all the world No greater love than mine./Annie L.

There's a darkness in everyone of us. It's deep, sometimes black/white, other times colorfull. Sometimes it keeps it silence, other times loud-inside and out. Makes noise, blurts out sounds and half words that only our subconscious can make sense. What triggers it? whats awakens it from its slumber?
It's all a game of association really,: a word, a smell, a snap shot from a movie. A song...a song...
And then the flood of emotions begins. It starts slowly, like the cracking of a dam by a flow of water. It builds up and catches speed, till the dam is crushed and broken, totally destroyed. And then there's no protection from the flood of emotions that are running trough your veins. The memories are back with a vengeance, and with them the teers, the brokeness, and the hopes of the past. Next comes the old and agonizing question, what's for the future???

I honestly believe that, that is up to us. Our future, God gave us the power to choose. Yes, so many paths in one life time. And if we listen closely, there's a whisper in our ear that guides us to the right path. The whisper comes from above, from the same light that gives us second and sometimes a third chance. The power to grab that chance is up to us, no one will do that job for us. So we can run away from it cause its hard and scares the shit out of us. Or we can run towards it. So what will it be???

Tonight's musical journey is to the songs for the night. As always, we'll take it together!