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Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Voice goes by, Two birds is what they'll see,  Getting lost upon their way... WIND ROLLS by, low light Eye sight, low light...
I need the light, I'll find my way from wrong, what's real?
The dream I see"/Pearl Jam

At what point in time exactly, the fact that a dream of the last past 13 years is about to come true, should cick in ??? I mean, 13 years of dreaming, hoping, yearning, fantasizing and now it's about to come true. I am going to see Pearl Jam live!!! But the thing is that i'm not freacking out yet. I think that i'm in deep denial.

For me, Live shows, a concert-is a religion all by it self. The energy, the spirits, pumped with endorphins. Pure joygasm. Its a spiritual experience through and through. The suspense rising and rising in the hour before the show begins. The explosion with in and out, the second the band takes the stage.

I have watched concerts of Pearl Jam on D.V.D and its amazing, to see it face to face will be earth-shuddering. And don't even get me started on Eddie Vedder. "May the force be with you".
This Monday night, just hours before i go on a plane, we'll take a musical journey to the world of Pearl Jam. RFN RADIO, 25.6.12, 21-23PM.

Oh, and did i say that will see 3 Pearl Jam concerts i a week? Thats right, the Cuckoo's Nest for me, after all that.