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Sunday, May 5, 2013 want us to do an unplugged? sure, why not....We'll just do it a little differently!


So here i was on my way home from a government office, filthy from bureaucracy (which is always a pleasure...). And then, i saw a beacon of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel-"The eighth note". A music shop In Jerusalem, the equivalent to the British H.M.V,. I had to stop there on my home to cleanse my self. While cruising through the rows of the c.d., i saw something that I've wanted for a long long time, was on sale!!! The Led Zeppelin unplugged from 1994. When Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were asked to do an unplugged show for MTV, they said "sure, why not". But unlike all the other mere mortals, they didn't do it in N.Y., in the MTV unplugged, they went to London and Morocco, and brought singers from Egypt. One woman singer in particular, made me catch my breath- Najma Akhtar, who sings  with Plant, on "The Battle of Evermore".

I came home and started to play the album, and from the first sound of the first song, which is "Nobody's fault but mine", I got chills up and down my spine, and just couldn't move or speak. Everything froze in time. It's Led Zeppelin in reincarnation, totally rediscovered them selves after all those years.

I knew right there and then, that it's my duty to bring that joy and discovery to you! This Monday night, May 6.13, on RFN radio, with me-Maya, 21-23pm(Jerusalem time).