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Monday, December 24, 2012



"Let's swim to the moon, uh huh, Let's climb through the tide...
Surrender to the waiting worlds, That lap against our side. Nothin' left open And no time to decide, We've stepped into a river...Easy, I love you As I watch you glide, Falling through wet forests, On our moonlight drive, baby...Moonlight drive"/
The Doors

So, while i was packing for the unknown or more specifically, to Bosnia&Herzegovina, in an attempt to make this crazy and sick world a little better, i came to the dilemma of which book to take with me for the months to come. I decided on Stephen Davis's "Jim Morrison:Life, Death, Legend". I've bought that book on my first trip to the U.S. 6 years ago in Virgins Records, on Times square (which closed down a year later-what a tragedy). The first time i've read the book, it took over me. To say i was affected by it, would be an understatement. There's so much truth, sexuality, grotesque, self destructiveness and briliance to Jim Morrison in this book. This time, the second time around i've read this book in B&H, it again affected me, in some ways much more then the first time. There were times i felt i was becoming Jim. There were days that i would spend hours writing a project or a report, while listening to all The Doors albums screaming in my ears, in a chronological order.

For years now i've been saying that in my former life i was a flower girl, my name was rainbow and i went to all The Doors concerts, and Jim and i had a thing going....Tonight, we'll take a musical journey to The Doors music, a different kind of a journey. RFN radio, 21-23pm(Jerusalem time)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

"I was trapped like a prisoner in my skin. I was punished like an enemy for my sins. I was blind, I was caged, And I was tricked,
And I was suffocating...
I confess I've lost control, I let my guard down, I let the truth out...Oh I confess I've lost control,
I let my guard down, I let the truth out...It's always darkest right before the dawn."/Garbage

Dark and twisty-i've finally found a definition about and for my self that  i feel very
accurate and comfortable with. Although i can't take the cradit for it, it's from "Grey's Anatomy"(which i highly recommend). And that's the beauty of it: this time of year, the month of Elul is here and now!!! This last month before the year ends, we have this amazing chance to bare our souls out, hold nothing back and to deal with it.

I always loved sentences like "Embrace your madness" or "I spit normality in the white of the eye" or my own brilliant one "Normal is boring"-which is totally true. And with that, a lot of times it's very tiring, confusing and a high price to pay. Now, during Elul, there's no hiding or feeling not worthy. Now it's time to deal with those beloved demons of ours, to bring them into the light, to understand that they are a part of us and to see how they make us special.

A change can only occur when there's true acceptance, with a wink and a smile. And how lucky we are that we have music as a soundtrack for that process. This Monday, August 20.2012, 21-23pm, right here on Radio free Nachlaot, we'll take a musical journey to our not perfect selves...and we'll love every minute of it!!!! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Voice goes by, Two birds is what they'll see,  Getting lost upon their way... WIND ROLLS by, low light Eye sight, low light...
I need the light, I'll find my way from wrong, what's real?
The dream I see"/Pearl Jam

At what point in time exactly, the fact that a dream of the last past 13 years is about to come true, should cick in ??? I mean, 13 years of dreaming, hoping, yearning, fantasizing and now it's about to come true. I am going to see Pearl Jam live!!! But the thing is that i'm not freacking out yet. I think that i'm in deep denial.

For me, Live shows, a concert-is a religion all by it self. The energy, the spirits, pumped with endorphins. Pure joygasm. Its a spiritual experience through and through. The suspense rising and rising in the hour before the show begins. The explosion with in and out, the second the band takes the stage.

I have watched concerts of Pearl Jam on D.V.D and its amazing, to see it face to face will be earth-shuddering. And don't even get me started on Eddie Vedder. "May the force be with you".
This Monday night, just hours before i go on a plane, we'll take a musical journey to the world of Pearl Jam. RFN RADIO, 25.6.12, 21-23PM.

Oh, and did i say that will see 3 Pearl Jam concerts i a week? Thats right, the Cuckoo's Nest for me, after all that.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

"The direct inspiration for the "MTV Unplugged" series came in the decade immediately preceding the creation of the MTV program. The catalyst was a series of highly publicized "unplugged" performances that occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The first of these was the June 1979 appearances by Pete Townshend at "The secret poleceman ball", a series of benefit shows in London for human rights organization Amnesty International at which the usually electric guitar-wielding Townshend was persuaded by benefit producer Martin Lewis to perform his hits "Pinball Wizerd" and "Won't get fooled again" on acoustic guitar. The performances were widely seen and heard on the 1980 live album and the UK-only movie of the benefit and inspired other rock performers to emulate Townshend"./Wikipedia

A medium size room that is gently lit, a few head lights above. Some chairs for people who prefer to sit, space for those who prefeer to stand during...A drum kit, maybe a piano. A bass guitar, and a lot of ACOUSTIC ones. Rock & Roll never sounded better.

In this very intimate atmosphere, great Rock & Roll bands, took their place on a make believe stage, took a familiar sound and made it new again! It created a snow ball and the list of performances grew by the minute. They were all there: Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, REM, Annie Lennox, Led Zeppelen, Kiss...and it just goes on and on. How they managed to play an electric guitar riff on an acoustic one, remains a mystery till this day.

This upcoming Monday night, 25.5.12, 21-23pm(Jerusalem time) we'll take a musical journey to the world of "MTV Unplugged".

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

"When you feel your life ain't worth living, you've got to stand up, take a look around you, then a look way up to the sky. And when your deepest thoughts are broken, keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreaming, its time to die...When life is hard-you have to change"/Blind Melon

Music lovers and rock has arrived!!! Spring is finally here. After a very veryyyy long, cold and a wet winter, the wonderful blossoming of spring is here. As a spring girl, i too blossom in the spring time. It's a time of novelty in every aspect of my life. Change, change is every where. I can smell it, hold it in my arms and give it a big kiss!!!

There are so many poems, so many sonnets and songs about change, though our human race hates change. It just takes up too much anergy from people. It's easier to be the three monkeys who don't see, hear and speak. But it's not our way-yours and mine. Great music, especially rock & roll is all about change inside and out, and when we want to make a point and there are those who refuse to listen, well...WE JUST PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!!!

This upcoming Monday night, 16.4.2012, 21-23pm(Jerusalem time), we'll take a musical journey with songs of change, warmth and celebration of life!!!

P.S-beware, the sandals are on

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

"Come you masters of that build the big guns, you that build the death planes, you that build all the might say that i'm young, you might say i'm unlearned, but there'sone thing i know, thoughi'm younger than you, that even God won't forgive what you do.../Bob Dylan

I don't at what point and time in history, rock n' roll music got involved in and with politics. More so, when did it become such a crucial influence in world wide decision making, but it did. The crazy notion that music and aspecially rock n' roll music, can change the world...

I live in the holly city, just a 5 hour drive, give or take, from the Syrian border where people are being murdered by the minute and nobody gives a fuck. Sure, the UN tried to do something(after months of doing nothing) and a simple vote by Russia and China they continue to do nothing. Of course, Russia and China are known for caring about humen rights...NOT. Why doesn't the U.S. do something or the U.N or who ever. Where is the 21 century Bob Dylan to make awareness and create a movment that would give a damn about what's going on in Syria???

This Monday(27/2/2012, 21-23pm, Jerusalem time) night special "I know it's only R&R, and i love it", we'll take a musical journey to rock music. If by chance, we'll have listeners from Syria, i hope it woulg bring them some joy and hope.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

"Mick sometimes had the use of his parents Triumph Herald at the weekend, and i remember we went to Manchester to see a big blues show, and there's Sonny Terry and there's Brownie McGhee, and John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. He was the one we wanted to see particularly, but also we wanted to see John Lee. There were others like Memphis Slim. It was a whole revue that was going through Europe. And Muddy came on, acoustic guitar, Mississippi Delta stuff, and played a magnificent half an hour..."/Keith Richards

As always, when i visit N.Y., i went to the best book shop in the world: Strand Books.(They should really give me free books for all the publicity i give them...). First, second hand books, in great shape, for a great price. I always go first to the music section. I have the standrad appreciation for Keith Richards, like any respectable music lover, but not more then that and i wasn't planning to buy a book about him. But, you know what they say: Best things happen spontaneously!!! A very cute worker of the store recommended on the autobiography of Keith and said that it kicks ass!!

He was right like he was cute(don't be jeallous) and the book kicks ass. I'm a book worm when it comes to books about artists, bands etc. My fevorite part is when they describe how and when they discovered music for the first time. Or, when and how they discovered their own inspiration and how it totally blew them away and changed their lives forever. There's just no turning back after you crossed that point. "Life"-By Keith is a great book about a great man. To read his description on how he learnd to play guitar, about the first time he listened to blues music and what an influence it had on him-it gives me goose bumps.

Our Wednesady night special musical journey, has changed to Monday nights-same time, same place: 21-23pm Jerusalem time, RFN Radio.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

"Only love can make it rain-The way the beach is kissed by the sea...Only love can bring the rain-That makes you yearn to the sky... Love, reign o'er me. Love, reign o'er me-rain on me"
/The Who

What is it about rain that makes poets, painters, musicians and artists in general ot be inspired so? To be inspired to create over and over again. Personaly, i love the rain. It cleanses the body and the soul. When i was in High-Scool, my friend and i, had a tradition. At the beginning of every winter, we would wait for the first rain of the season and go out without an umbrella. We would walk, dance and goof around in the rain. I also love it when its pouring rain outside and i'm cuddled deep in the blankets. Lying in my bed and listening to the rythem of the rain. Rain has it's own rythem, sound, movment. A tempo to dance to.

So many songs have been written about rain or how rain makes them feel. It's so universal. As i was preparing the play list for this week's show, i discovered more and more. For some it's joy and for some tears of pain and loss. This Wednesday night, we'll take a very special musical journey to the depth of rain songs.