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Monday, December 24, 2012



"Let's swim to the moon, uh huh, Let's climb through the tide...
Surrender to the waiting worlds, That lap against our side. Nothin' left open And no time to decide, We've stepped into a river...Easy, I love you As I watch you glide, Falling through wet forests, On our moonlight drive, baby...Moonlight drive"/
The Doors

So, while i was packing for the unknown or more specifically, to Bosnia&Herzegovina, in an attempt to make this crazy and sick world a little better, i came to the dilemma of which book to take with me for the months to come. I decided on Stephen Davis's "Jim Morrison:Life, Death, Legend". I've bought that book on my first trip to the U.S. 6 years ago in Virgins Records, on Times square (which closed down a year later-what a tragedy). The first time i've read the book, it took over me. To say i was affected by it, would be an understatement. There's so much truth, sexuality, grotesque, self destructiveness and briliance to Jim Morrison in this book. This time, the second time around i've read this book in B&H, it again affected me, in some ways much more then the first time. There were times i felt i was becoming Jim. There were days that i would spend hours writing a project or a report, while listening to all The Doors albums screaming in my ears, in a chronological order.

For years now i've been saying that in my former life i was a flower girl, my name was rainbow and i went to all The Doors concerts, and Jim and i had a thing going....Tonight, we'll take a musical journey to The Doors music, a different kind of a journey. RFN radio, 21-23pm(Jerusalem time)