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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

I love the way you look tonight, With your hair hangin down on your shoulders... I love the way you move tonight, Beads of sweat drippin down your skin, Me lying here and you lyin there, Our shadows on the wall and our hands everywhere./B.A.

Yearning is a hazardous feeling. It makes us want certain things...and the wanting leads to action. At least, thats the way it is with me. Otherwise you get stuck in the fantasy stage, without the actual living. The first taste of it is very addictive, but it tastes so good. You never know where it would lead but all the roads lead to the same place. So many poets and artists said more then ones, that the road itself is importent just as the destination. So true, so true. These days the thing is to castrate the emotions, not to feel, not to get attached. Its less frightening that way, believe me-i know it all to well. But there's something so soothing in laying your head on somebody elses shoulder, closing your eyes and letting go....falling asleep together, be capable to let go and rest through the night together...

Of course music has a big part in it. We often feel all these things but cant express them, can't find the exact words. Sometimes the melody is enough to start the flames, to engage the passion. From there-its up to us! theres an idea for an albom: "soundtrack of passion"...yammi

Tonight's musical journey-songs for the we go!!!

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