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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

Come to my window, Crawl inside, Wait by the light of the moon. Come to my window...I'll be home soon./M.E.

About eight months ago, i got this notion in my head to do a special radio show for Gilad Shalit. Something different. To present him to the world as a human being with feelings and wants like all of us, and not just as a captive soldier. I went to speak to his parents about a radio show that would feature all of Gilad's favorite and loved songs. Noam-his father said that it's been to long and that he doesn't remember Gilad's favorite music. And that they don't want the whole world to listen-only the Prime minister, and he doesn't think that Bibi listens to our RFN radio.

Today a miracle has accured and Gilad is back home, with his femily where he belongs. Lorelai and i were watching the special T.V. brodcast of his return home. The price for his return is very high and very very painfull and we must not ever forget it!!!

I hope one day to sit with Gilad in our studio and to have him as a guest for the Wednesday night musical journey show. To talk about his favorite music and the stories behind them, and of course to play them. And together to send and reinforce the feeling of never giving up hope. To never stop praying-eventually it just happens!

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