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Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

The line it is drawn, The curse it is cast. The slow one now Will later be fast. As the present now Will later be past. The order is Rapidly fadin'. And the first one now Will later be last, For the times they are a-changin./ Bob Dylan

In this world of ours, what goes around-comes around. Justice maybe takes time, but it comes and when it does-it washes
everything in its path. We can't just hurt someone and get away with it-it just doesn't work that way. Most of all, that notion, that realization, gives a deep feeling of hope. There's more good in this world then evil. There's more light then darkness, and more people that allow themselves to love and feel then those who are emotionally castrated. There's hope for evevryone, it's never too late. And, if we are lucky enough, we'll get a third and a forth chance as well.

These days i feel it the most, maybe because my birthday is this week-June 1. I love that date, the beginning of summer, of light and warmth. Birthdays are good times to reflect the past, the future and beyond. With no doubt, one of this year great surprises, gifts and achievements, is our radio. A long time dream, come true.

So, how will we celebrate the occasion? this Wednesday night, our Wednesday night special between 9-11 pm, we'll take a journey to the great music, the songs that have changed me, effected me and made me the Maya i'm today.

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