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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

Come to my window, Crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon, Come to my window, I'll be home soon.../M.E.

Hey there everybody, especially those of you-us who have lost someone dear to a tragic and/or redundant death. I'll be honest with you, on rare occasions i'm speacless, and this is one of them. what can i write, its just too sad for words. But i guess i'll give it a try, god only knows how hard it is to write this words about Inbal and what happened to her.

Three months ago, a fire started from an "accident". An accident that took the lives of dozens of people. On that morning Inbal was preparing a lecture she was suppose to give later that day, on one of her courses. In the beginning of the year she had joined the Israely Prison Service, as a criminologist, she wanted to work with prisoners: to help rehabilitate them, and at the time of the fire, she was a cadet. early that day, Inbal phoned her mom and asked of her to light a candle for her, cause she had stage fright. But she never had the chance to give that lecture cause she and her class mates went on the bus of death. They were supposed to help to evacuate a prison from the fire, but they never got there. The bus drove straight to the fire and 40 people died-Inbal was one of them. Beautiful, 26 years old Inbal, with so much life and spirit in her, so many dreams and such love with her partner-Nir-who these days is a dead man walking.

One of our friends said that she still awaits for a phone call from Inbal in which she would laugh at us and say: "Hey suckers, it was a joke, it wasn't me. come on-you really think that something like this would happen to me. I'm here, i'm alive and kicking". All that is left to say is that we all still wait for that, we haven't lost hope.

The show today will be dedicated to Inbal. There's lots more that i can say about Inbal as a person and that damned fire, but no more. this is how we should remember her.

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