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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

If I could stay.. then the night would give you up. Stay then the day would keep it’s trust. Stay with the demons you drown, Stay with the spirit I found, Stay and the night would be enough./U2
The last couple of weeks, it would seem that the world has gone crazy, everything is up side down. Actually, when were things ever normal??? The disaster in Japan, the merciless murder of children and babies, terror acts in the beautiful City of Jerusalem, which was 10 minuts from my home. Makes you want to pack the back pack and get the far away from reality as you possibly can. When my friend was killed 4 months ago, that was my second instinct: to pack my back pack and get the fuck out. somewhere, anywhere, just not here, not where 26 year old die in fires. But thats exactly the question: where or until when...or maybe, just maybe there's another solution, another way out: we can take comfort in each other. In each other and in God's most precious gift to man kind: music-of course. Good friends that help to numb the pain. and one lover to another-and then the night would really be enough!!!

This week-Wednesday night special-Dirty Dancing, thats right.

We so deserve it: The music, the songs, the stories. I'm sure we all have our story related to the movie...and how can we not, the music, the dancing, Patrick Swayze wearing tight leather pants and holding you close...OH YES. This Wednesday night from 21-23pm.

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