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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

I'm ready, ready for the laughing gas. i'm ready, ready for what's next: ready to duck, ready to dive, ready to say "i'm glad to be alive".../U2
So i was thinking to my self: "Albums that changed music history..." what does it mean, really? did it create some sort of a revolution, did it create a havoc(in a good way), and what about the songs themselves-do they speak to us in a different way and no matter how many times we listen to them, they still make us feel butterflies in our tummies. Yep, i guess all of the above!!!

Achtung Baby-the album, and Zoo t.v.-the world tour that followed (and thats being taught in music academies, till this day), were and still are different in so many ways. its not only the 12 songs that each one of them effects you in various ways, but also the political message behind them and infront of Zoo T.V.

Tomorrow night, we will take a journy: musical, spiritual and political, and feel for ourselves what it is all about. in the mean time "everything you know is a lie, watch more t.v."

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