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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome to Maya's World of Music!

Wow look at you now, Flowers in the window, It's such a lovely day And I'm glad you feel the same, Cause to stand up, out in the crowd, You are one in a million And I love you so, Lets watch the flowers grow./Travis

Ah, the spring, the spring has come!!! my favorite time of the year. Every where i go in this beautiful country of ours, everithing is just blossoming, evolving. Such a promise for somthing new and better. And "writing" about new and better-our new studio that is being build. how freaking amazing its is to do shows from there. being a part of a growing process, of something so unique. Thanks to modern technology (which i'm not such a fan of, though i'm so addicted to Youtube), we reach music lovers all over the world. I could be doing a show and suddenly, i see a listner from Brazil or The U.K that stay tuned in for the whole show. and i always wonder: who are you- a man or a woman and what does the music make you feel. or maybe you're not alone and enjoying it with someone alse...

So you know what i miss, records-vinyl records. i grew up on those. I was by Steve's(our radio's founding dad), and he must have hundreds of them, if not more. and he showed me some Doors redords that he got when they were just released. I could just smell Jim on them. How the record just flows in circles and the scratchy sound of the needle that adds to the vibe. You have to lay the needle on the record very gently and carefully, alse you can scratch the record. it took me a while to lern how to do that as a kid, i was very proud of my self the day that i got it right. So here's a thought: my birthday is coming up in a few months...any of you who is looking fo the right present, there's your clue, you cant go wrong with that one, ha ha.

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  1. Love your post! So positive :-) Can't wait for your show on Wensday night! Keep on playing good music!